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HOUR-X watch is a combination of military design, retro style, high quality and love of watchmaking.

cabinet clocks

wrist watches

Leather accessories from LINE TRUE LEATHER - is stylish and high-quality products, in which the design is clear ergonomics without excess.



Wrist watches and interior clocks from Hour-X are executed with style of military hours of the beginning and the middle of 20 centuries. As a basis for the manufacture of wristwatches, mechanisms are taken that were made more than half a century ago, watch cases are new or used in the past, after passing through some modifications, such as aging or the addition of structural elements. Cabinet clocks are made from airborne hours dismantled from aircraft, ships and submarines, tanks and other types of land equipment, as well as from control panels.


Leather accessories

I have been manufacturing leather accessories since 2011. The main criterials that I use when making accessories are: the use of high-quality materials and do the work on conscience. My craft product are not mass, they are all made individually and have their own distinctive features.

watch straps





The watches and mechanisms that I use to make my own watches are tested, cleaned, lubricated and, if necessary, restored. On some elements, such as the dial, arrows, case, welt, there may be traces of natural wear or damage caused by different operating conditions, to preserve the individuality of the watches, but which in no way affect the functional of the object.



I can make watches and leather accessories on order. If you have a watch that requires repair or maintenance (disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of the accuracy of the stroke), then I will be happy to help. If you desired, I can modify the mechanism and watch case.



Country: Russian Federation

Region: Permskiy Kray

City: Perm 

Zip code: 614016

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